Top 5 Best Compact Photo Printers Of 2021

We all live in Digital World where these days all our photos are being saved in our smartphones, social networking sites, or over the cloud storage. But then, you cannot feel things just by looking at it, you know to touch them to know how does it think accurately.

In the same way, though we’ve got thousands of photos of our memories all across the social media, we need to have a real picture which brings that smile on your face when you refresh those memories. Not just this, but then you can also hang these photos on your refrigerator, else you can add it to your photo album too.

But the real problem is, you cannot even go to internet cafe or a printer kiosk to get your photos printed. Hence you need to have something which can give you high-quality images on the go. A compact printer is all which you need, and the good thing is that these days the printers are so compact that they can easily fit in your hand too.

So these compact printers are capable of producing smaller prints of size 2×3-inches rather than the standard 4×6-inch or 5×7-inch size which usually a large size printer can print.

The present generation of people is someone obsessed with selfies, so these printers can be the best for them because they can quickly click pictures, print them out on the go, and can distribute it to their friends too so that they can add it to their album of memories. So here is our list of best compact photo printers.

Quick Overview Of Best Compact Photo Printers

Best Compact Photo Printers – Top 5 Picks

1. Epson PictureMate PM-400 – Wireless Compact Color Photo Printer

Epson PictureMate PM-400 - Best Compact Photo Printers

The Epson PictureMate PM-400 is one of the most excellent wireless printers which are available out there. These printers are specially made to be used right at the moment of family gatherings and parties because this printer takes just 37 seconds to print an image.

The best part is that this printer comes with free ink cartridge and 100 4 inch x 6-inch photo papers for your convenience. All the photo prints which you get are claimed to be smudge, scratch, water, and fade resistant. The best thing has to be the borderless photos, now you can easily print 4-inch x 6 inch and 5-inch x 7-inch photos, that too in an entirely ultra-compact design.

2. Canon Selphy CP1200 – Wireless Airprint Color Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP1200 - Best Compact Photo Printers

The Canon Selphy CP1200 is yet another powerful printer which comes with some great features. Though this printer is pretty compact, it comes with different features such as an optional battery, multiple printing ways, and the best thing is that you can take prints anywhere you want to at any point of time as it comes with Wireless technology.

We are not yet over because, apart from this you can also print on different postcard size papers, label size, square, and even eight little stickers at a time. With one single charge, you can easily take up to 54 prints, now this is something unusual.

With the help of this printer, now you can easily print all your Facebook and Instagram memories right from your smartphone, yes directly from your smartphone. All in all, this is one of the best compact printers in this segment.

3. Brother VC-500W – Versatile Compact Color Label and Photo Printer with Wireless Networking

Brother VC-500W - Best Compact Photo Printers

This Brother VC-500W is a pretty unique printer, first of its kind because this printer can print without the need for ink. You’ve heard it exactly right, this compact printer can print without ink. Instead, it uses a technology called ZINK which means this printer can print some excellent high quality and vivid pictures without the requirement of ink if you are wondering how does it work.

All the colors which are required from the high-quality prints are embedded in adhesive-backed ZINK paper. With this Brother VC-500W color label and photo printer, you can create and print labels, photos, stickers, and more like gift wrap, greeting cards, invitations, photo projects, party favors, stickers.

This is the best versatile printer, you can easily connect it and use it wirelessly too. And the best part is that it supports Apple AirPrint wireless printing technology, actually it is compatible with Mac and Windows both. So you can print directly from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Android smartphones, and tablets.

You also get the Label Editor app which will allow you to be creative and create your elements such as frames, fonts, backgrounds, etc., and then print it from the Wireless/Air-Print enabled apps. All in all, this is one of the best compact printers available out there with some exciting features.

4. Canon SELPHY CP1300 – Wireless Compact Photo Printer with AirPrint and Mopria Device Printing

Canon SELPHY CP1300 - Best Compact Photo Printers

The all-new Canon Selphy CP1300 is capable enough of giving you the best quality prints, both color and black and white too. If you are someone who is looking for some high-quality 4×6-inch print outs, then this is the perfect printer for you, but then you need to compromise a little bit on its portability because this is not as portable as the other printers out there.

Though this printer is a lot smaller when compared to a regular desktop printer, and if you are thinking that it would still need a power source just like a regular printer to get you those fantastic prints, then you are wrong. Because with its optional battery pack and wirelessly technology, you can Print and share those fantastic pictures wherever you are.

You can easily connect the CP1300 printer to your WiFi network, you can also directly print with the help of an SD card or a USB drive. All in all, this is a great printer if you can compromise on the portability.

5. Canon TS9020 – Wireless All-in-One Printer with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print

Canon TS9020 - Best Compact Photo Printers

Canon is a brand which is known for its quality, and durability. The Canon TS9020 is no exception, this product has been built to last. This printer comes with a whopping six individual ink systems so that you never need to compromise on the speed or the quality of the prints which you get.

To get a print, you can easily connect this to various devices such as a mobile, tablet, computer, or instead, you can easily insert an SD or a USB drive. And also it is AirPrint enabled! so you can print wirelessly and effortlessly from your Apple devices such MacBook, iPad, iPhone, etc.

The best part of this printer is that it also comes with a scanner, so now you can not just take prints but also can scan all your important documents right at your comfort. All in all, this makes it the best compact printer with some outstanding features.

Final Verdict

So this was our list of best compact photo printers which are available out there, a printer is something essential not only to print pictures but also to print any crucial documents right at the moment.

If you would ask me which is the one which I would personally prefer then it has to be the Canon TS9020 All in One Printer, it comes with high quality and also an additional scanner which comes in handy.

My second preference would be the Brother VC 500W because of its unique feature where it can make prints without the need for ink. So which one is your favorite printer, do let us know in the comments section.